Fatima Khalid

I hail from Pakistan and I'm a freelance writer. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from National University of Computer and Emerging Science and I am currently doing my Master's degree in Project Management. 

Blogs for Tabedaar

Spreading happiness in Ramzan

We’re well into Ramzan, and many amongst us are shamelessly loading up on the carbs, no offence intended – I mean YOLO! Flipping some rocks, you can come around some who are grabbing hold of the opportunity in full swing, and getting rid of the fat they’ve been accumulating over the time. It’s very human of us that Ramzan always becomes about food, one way or the other. So much of the day is spent daydreaming about the many dishes you’d like to have at Iftari. Overeating is hence the result, mak

Ramazan aya – Roza rakho g!

So Ramzan is just around the corner, and being the good Muslims we are, we have already started dreaming about the Iftar table. As embarrassing as it sounds, this is the one common thing we all look forward to during the whole day (#Bhookar). But this is where the story gets sad – so very sad. Living amongst us, are some lads and ladies, for whom even thinking about good iftari is a taboo. They can’t allow themselves to delve in such desires, because this will shove them to the brink of insanity